Why RVW is right for you.


Evidence-Based Investing Explained.

Our Guidance. Your Future. And Theirs.

We have the experience and resources to design and implement a sophisticated wealth strategy that aligns with your unique financial, tax, estate-planning and philanthropic goals.


The long term financial wellbeing of every client.


We employ an evidence-based portfolio design rooted in academia and Nobel Prize winning economics to optimize expected rates of return.


Every RVW Wealth Advisor is a CPA, a Registered Investment Advisor and a Personal Financial Planner.

RVW provides conflict-free investment advice and offers investors an alternative to the typical Wall Street experience.

  • RVW portfolios include enhanced more complex, indexing methods. This enables us to tilt portfolios towards diversified grouplings of stocks with attributes that have historically provided higher expected returns.
  • We believe that asset allocation is a primary determinant of portfolio volatility and indeed of returns – and that in the long run markets tend to be efficient, with severe oscillations in the shorter term.
  • RVW Select Funds that provide participation in ownership of over 2000 carefully chosen enterprises positioned for long term wealth optimization in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner.
  • Historically, stellar long-term rewards have awaited those who prudently provide capital to successful enterprises,. However engaging in speculation, market-timing and stock-picking was generally unsuccessful.
  • Secure bonds are included for planned liquidity needs in a laddered portfolio. Bonds are purchased directly through Schwab Institutional and we make no markups. We eschew “alternatives” such as hedge funds and commodities because they do not comport with our strategy.

Our Three Core Values

  1. We are fee-only managers whose sole financial goal is to help you reach yours in a planned and systemic manner. We are compensated solely through your (fully disclosed) fees, taking no undisclosed commissions or other 3rd party incentives. Our interests are fully aligned with yours.
  2. We are your fiduciaries and always act solely in your best interests, which we place ahead of our own.
  3. We are ruthlessly objective and bottom-line oriented.